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Polish localization package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO, necessary and fully compliant with Polish requirements and regulations. Affordable transmission of mandatory data to the tax systems.

According to the Polish law, every active company in Poland must submit mandatory sets of data to the systems of the state public authority. To help companies to carry out this duty timely and without any errors, GO-ERP has created the localization pack for PolandThe pack consists of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO extensions for mandatory data export to the State systems following the requirements of the legislation of Poland. The set ensures smoother and more convenient work for accountants.

The localization pack for Poland consists of eight different extensions. It can be purchased and implemented either in bulk or separately. The upcoming extensions will be adapted according to the requirements of the Polish government institutions.

What’s included in Polish localization package?

The Polish localization package consists of the following Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O extensions: 

    • e-Invoice KSeF – a structured invoice is another type of invoice (next to paper and electronic invoices), which is issued and shared by the National e-invoice System (KSef).
    • JPK – a Standard Audit File of Tax, the whole schema, all necessary elements, 
    • Split Payment – a split payment model regarding VAT, 
    • NIP validation  – possibilities to check by NIP number whether a given contractor is an active entrepreneur, 
    • Whitelist of VAT payers –  checking correctness of a contractors bank account number while processing a transaction, 
    • Downloading data from the REGON database (GUS) – automatic retrieving data about new contractor
    • e-Invoice for public procurement generating electronic invoices necessary  while processing public procurement
    • e-Financial Statement generating whole financial statement into electronic document.

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e-Invoice KSeF

From the beginning of 2022, entrepreneurs will be able to use the e-Invoice service voluntarily, but from the second quarter of 2023 it will be obligatory for every taxpayer. A structured invoice is another form of documenting transactions (next to electronic and paper invoices, which is issued and made available by the National e-invoice System (KSef). 

Microsoft Dynamics F&O separated into Microsoft Dynamics365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


  • Shorter time of receiving a VAT refund.
  • No obligation to keep invoices – all structured invoices will be stored in the KSeF system for 10 years.
  • Significantly shortened and simplified invoice workflow process.
  • No need to issue duplicates of invoices – the system will store all invoices.
  • Simplified accounting processes.
  • Receiving real-time information about invoice.

JPK - Standard Audit File of Tax

It is an IT solution introduced by the Ministry of Finance, enabling the generation of relevant data directly from the company’s accounting software. It has an established form in the form of an XML schema, is mandatory and can only be transmitted in electronic form. 


  • Enables  to transfer documents to the tax office.
  • Assurance that sent files are accurate and do not contain any mistakes.
  • No random inspections by officials at the company.
  • Time of inspection is significantly reduced.
  • Reducing unfair competition thanks to monthly reporting and taxpayers’ control.
  • Recall of VAT declaration (including VAT-7 declaration).
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions can be done directly from the system.

NOTEOur solution is adapted to the changes in JPK, which are in force from July 2021!

Polish localization pack

Split Payment​

The split payment mechanism in Poland is a unique payment system that involves separating the Value Added Tax (VAT) portion from the total transaction amount, channeling it into a distinct VAT account with restricted access for sellers, and ensuring timely transfers of these VAT funds to the government, while the remaining net amount goes into the seller’s regular settlement account, effectively enhancing tax transparency, compliance, and discouraging fraudulent activities. 

In accordance with art. 108a paragraph 2 of the Act on VAT split payment in practice means the impact of: 

  • All or part of the VAT amount from the invoice to the special VAT account.
  • All or part of the net amount from the invoice to the settlement account or to the SKOK account for which the VAT account is kept or to settle it in another way, e.g., in cash. 
Split payment


  • Waiver of join and several liability rule.
  • No imposing additional tax liability.
  • No applying increased interest of VAT arrears.
  • Stepped-up refund of VAT excess.
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions can be done directly from the system.

VIES - checking contractor status ​ by tax identification number (PL/EU)

Taxpayers making transactions with domestic contractors can verify the VAT numbers of Polish active VAT taxpayers. Such verification proves to be important, among others for taxpayers using the reverse charge mechanism for goods that are listed in Annex 11 to the VAT Act or who use the so-called “bad debt relief”. 

Performing intra-Community transactions requires confirmation of EU VAT numbers of contractors. The result also allows you to verify the association of the EU VAT number with the company name and address. 


  • Possibility to protect company against any consequences of accepting an invoice from a contractor who has never been or no longer is an active taxpayer.
  • Assurance that contractor is an active VAT taxpayer.
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions can be done directly from the system.
VAT polish localization pack

Whitelist of VAT payers with entrepreneur’s accounts

The whitelist of taxpayers is an electronic list of entrepreneurs in terms of:

  • Lack of registration or removal from the register as VAT payer.
  • Registered as VAT payers, including reinstatement of registration as VAT payers.

The whitelist of taxpayers will contain primarily the bank account numbers of entrepreneurs to which the contractors should make payments (these are the accounts entered in the identification / update declaration NIP or CEIDG). 

polish localization pack


  • Simplifies the process of verification and obtain information about other business entities.
  • Simplifies data mining  according to tax number or part of the name of business entity.
  • Assurance that the payment for an invoice will flow to the relevant account  of a contractor (active VAT taxpayer).
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions done directly from the system.

Downloading data ​ from the REGON database (GUS)​

The database maintained by the Central Statistical Office is a complete collection of information about companies and institutions in Poland. Thanks to our solution, there is no need to search for contractor data or laboriously checking their correctness. Thanks to the integration with the CSO database, there are no worries about invoice errors. All data on the contractor complement themselves after providing the NIP/REGON/KRS number. The downloaded data is automatically saved in the system. 


  • Improved process of inputting contractors’ data.
  • Simplified contractor verification process.
  • Assurance about accuracy of the downloaded data.
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions can be done directly from the system.
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e-Invoice for public procurement

On April 18, 2019, the provisions of the Act of November 9, 2018, on electronic invoicing in public procurement, concessions for works or services and public-private partnership (Journal of Laws item 2191), which impose an obligation on the contracting authority, shall enter into force. receiving electronic invoices via the electronic invoicing platform, if the contractor has sent a structured invoice via this platform. 

e-invoice | e-faktura


  • Fewer lost invoices.
  • Increased accounting liquidity.
  • Shorter time of an acceptance. 
  • Reduced number of duplicated invoices.
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions can be done directly from the system.


e-Financial Statement

From October 2018, the financial statements prepared exclusively in electronic form, in accordance with the logical structure and in the format made available on the BIP pages of the office servicing the Minister of Finance, are obliged to prepare: § entities entered into the National Court Register (companies – open, partner, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company, European partnership); § natural persons keeping accounting books (taxpayers of personal income tax PIT, including partners in a civil law partnership).


  • Full compatibility of documents according to Minister of Finance guidelines.
  • The app catches all mistakes and prompts how to correct it.
  • Simplifies making documents.
  • Ability to import data from XML JKP file, what quickens the process of creating the yearly report.
  • Possibility to enclose attachments to a report.
    Possibility to quickly collect the set of electronic signatures from all board members or use the Trusted Profile.
  • Time and work saving.
  • All actions can be done directly from the system.
Programista | e-financial statement

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