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Power BI – interactive data intelligence tools

Business digitalization is continually growing. In response to this trend, companies are paying more and more attention to data analysis. Accurate, timely and clear data enable to overcome challenges and make business decisions much faster. Power BI is created to answer these business needs.

These days, the highly popular Excel is being replaced with Power BI, an advanced analytics tool. This innovative Dynamics 365 app has highly sophisticated data modeling possibilities.

Using this tool, customers create their companies’ semantic data models directly in the data files. Later, they are visualized in reports and graphs.

It is an intuitive tool for the end-user, being easily understandable, with endless data slicing and visual rendering possibilities.

Systematized relevant information in real-time

power BI access your data

Access your data wherever it is

Access your data from hundreds of sources within your company or in the cloud. This includes Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, Azure SQL DB, Excel, SharePoint, and others.

Easily model and process the data

Data preparation can take a lot of time, but not with Power BI data modelling tools. You will save many hours using the Power Query modelling tools! Additionally, they are well known to fans of Excel.
model your data in Power BI
analyze data power BI

Analyze data the smart way

Power BI empowers you to analyze your data in deeper and more diverse ways. Numerous analysis methods will lead you to new insights. If you know Excel, you will feel at home here as well.

Use visual interactive reports

Generate impressive interactive reports using the drag-and-drop method and hundreds of modern visualization templates. Alternatively, you can create your own templates. This makes the data reading pleasant, easy and personalized.
visual and interactive reports on power BI
share with everyone power BI

Share with everyone everywhere

Let your employees access data according to their roles. On smart mobile devices or computers – from anywhere and anytime.
power BI stay connected

Versatile tool

It’s applicable to any field of activity and for companies of any size. The best business analytics tool for an affordable price.
Gatner magic quadrant

The best business analytics platform

Power BI is recognized by Gartner as the best analytics platform in the world. View source >> 

What is Power BI?

Experience your data. Any time, any way, anywhere

Use the most advanced tools for your company data management

Employ them properly to fully enable their full potential

Use Power BI


To ensure data analytics meets your company’s specific needs, you have to adapt it properly. For this, you require expertise in the business processes, KPI systems, and technologies. Usually, company heads know their target KPIs. Unfortunately, quite often important nuances are missed if you don’t have enough experience with Power BI. Therefore, you will not exploit all its possibilities.

Cooperation with GO-ERP, an experienced Dynamics 365 and Power BI partner, is highly valuable and important. Why? Because we know the technologies and data structures. And we have strong competencies in development and data management.

Get optimal results in a shorter time frame

Make no initial mistakes

Employ the most advanced technologies for your company’s success

Set unlimited possibilities with new technologies

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