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Comparison of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & Business Central

Dynamics 365, the advanced platform of intelligent business applications, connects all business processes and operations. However, among the numerous Dynamics 365 apps, there are two ERP systems difficult to choose from – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (Former F&O) and Business Central.  In this article, we are discussing a comparison of Dynamics 365 ERP systems.  Handily, it can guide you to the right choice.

Dynamics 365 integrates CRM, ERP, Office, analytics and other supporting business applications into one unified, intelligent and adaptable solution. However, there is a choice between two ERP systems in this package. Although, the best fit for your business may not be obvious without a deep understanding of Microsoft products and ERP knowledge:

In this article, we are highlighting the key D365 FO and D365 BC differences. These are the core factors when considering a new ERP for your company.

So, what do you choose: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations OR Business Central?​

The answer could be quite straight and simple. Finally, it depends on your business needs, goals, requirements and future vision.

The essential difference is that Dynamics 365  for Finance and Operations does have a lot more built-in “enterprise functionality” than Business Central. This is the key driver to consider Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for companies which need a deep and comprehensive ERP solution.

Compare the differences

In the table below, we present a deeper analysis of the variations of these two ERP systems.

This table probably will not answer all your questions. Therefore, the best approach would be to discuss YOUR business needs and ERP vision with your Dynamics 365 partner. Don‘t have one? Contact us for an initial discussion.

Author Daiva Jakštienė, Marketing manager at GO-ERP

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